tiistai 7. kesäkuuta 2011

Finnish Whippet Club Speciality 4.6.2011

judges: males and puppies Editha Newton (Nevedith) Great Britian,
           bitches Christophe Coppel (Dixmoor) France

    Marlon´s son, Pipsqueak Prinssi Rohkea open class EXC/2 CCQ

C´mere Jöröjukka in open class EXC/3 CCQ

Marlon´s son, Belltown Days Of Thunder in open class EXC/4
C´mere Icy Cloudberry in open class EXC
   C´mere Ensi-Ilta in open class VG
   C´mere Great Martin in open class G
   Ch ForgetMeNot Flying Star in champion class EXC/4 CCQ
   C´mere Canada in veteran class EXC/4 CCQ

C´mere Hattara in open class EXC
C´mere Jalokivi in open class EXC
     Ch C´mere Dreambaby in veteran class EXC/3

In breeders class, C´mere 4th with prize of honour
C´mere Jöröjukka, C´mere Icy Cloudberry, C´mere Jalokivi, C´mere Dreambaby

Marlon´s progeny group (C´mere Jalokivi, Ch Play A While Iittala, Pipsqueak Prinssi Rohkea, C´mere Jöröjukka)
1st with prize of honour

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